CSS WeB Design

A custom CSS file was created to link to the new home page design using a Child theme in Magento Enterprise. CSS was used to layout the page for this redesign of Cartoys Home page. I worked with our off shore Developers to execute the design layout. Bootstrap grid was used to lay out the 4 image promotion as well as 'Better way to go' and footer section. Built in PHP page for the Newsletter in the footer was manipulated on the back-end as well as the CSS to change the desigh to look like the new specification that were selected. The code then tested on out Dev site then deployed to the cloud using Git Bash to the live production site. The footer 4 grid collumns is converted into a accordion for the mobile view and a javascript was used as well as Css was used to complete this task. Images were created using photoshop and Illustrator. HTML,PHP, CSS, and Javascript were used to script this page.

Car Toys CSS home page design

CSS Magento Design

The Cartoys website was redesigned and updated. I was in charge of executing the CSS Design of the Bottom half Portion of the Home page layout using CSS, HTML, PHP, and Javascript.

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